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  • Fixed the bank interest
  • Fixed a few bugs
  • Check Announcements for all details!


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    • - Fixed /vote to look pretty, thank you to everyone who showed me it (And made me laugh at it)
      - Fixed bank interest to be better (Under high demand)
      - Fixed /back to actually take you to where you died, since a few people were having issues with it (Reports are useful!)
      - Speaking of reports, you can do /report in-game and it will go into the Discord now for me to fix! This cuts out the middleman. (You can still use !report if you want to from the Discord, but it's much simpler)
      - I'm currently installing everything on a test server to fix /warp parkour, and it will be hopefully back up in the near future :(
      - Fixed permissions! /bp should give you the appropriate amount of rows for ranking up. If it doesn't, I can yell at a plugin or two
      - I received a report earlier from @NeroBrain99#2045 that the /ranks lines were too large. That has been fixed with the use of acronyms and lingo
      - Discord's reports, appeals, and the like have been fixed due to @DDarkInferno#0869 
      - We have a new offline rewards system which has been rolled out! /rewards will be used whenever you have a reward that needs to be given to you, again thanks to @DDarkInferno#0869 !
      - 1.13 was a huge update. @DDarkInferno#0869 did even MORE work for us and fixed the autocomplete for /fish, and for the rewards plugin as it is right now!
    • Today marks a day where we have reached an all-time high for playerbase. I added a new message advertisement on PlanetMinecraft and ever since, we have seen approximately 10 new players online per day. If you're interested in helping with that cause, leave an emerald and some kind words over at https://www.planetminecraft.com/forums/minecraft/servers/nanomc-1-12-2-claimblock-friendl-573221/ To commemorate it, here is the tab from this day
      Thank you all for your work and dedication, this wouldn't have been possible without any and all of you.
    • This is a simple guideline for what we do in terms of punishment over time. When someone does something wrong, they are given a "warning". Those warnings do not go away (unless appealed/otherwise worked out to be removed), and will stay on your record.
      1) Textual warning
      2) Textual warning
      3) Kicked with the warning reason
      4) Tempbanned for 30 minutes with the ban reason
      5) Tempbanned for 6 hours with the ban reason
      6) Permanently Banned

      You are able to appeal any ban within reason. We hold the right to decline/deny your right to appeal, or deny your appeal after the fact. If you feel that even after your appeal is denied you truly deserve to be unbanned, you can message me @ Ampersand#0001 on Discord
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