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  3. Ampersand

    November 30th, 2018

    - Fixed /vote to look pretty, thank you to everyone who showed me it (And made me laugh at it) - Fixed bank interest to be better (Under high demand) - Fixed /back to actually take you to where you died, since a few people were having issues with it (Reports are useful!) - Speaking of reports, you can do /report in-game and it will go into the Discord now for me to fix! This cuts out the middleman. (You can still use !report if you want to from the Discord, but it's much simpler) - I'm currently installing everything on a test server to fix /warp parkour, and it will be hopefully back up in the near future :( - Fixed permissions! /bp should give you the appropriate amount of rows for ranking up. If it doesn't, I can yell at a plugin or two - I received a report earlier from @NeroBrain99#2045 that the /ranks lines were too large. That has been fixed with the use of acronyms and lingo - Discord's reports, appeals, and the like have been fixed due to @DDarkInferno#0869 - We have a new offline rewards system which has been rolled out! /rewards will be used whenever you have a reward that needs to be given to you, again thanks to @DDarkInferno#0869 ! - 1.13 was a huge update. @DDarkInferno#0869 did even MORE work for us and fixed the autocomplete for /fish, and for the rewards plugin as it is right now!
  4. Today marks a day where we have reached an all-time high for playerbase. I added a new message advertisement on PlanetMinecraft and ever since, we have seen approximately 10 new players online per day. If you're interested in helping with that cause, leave an emerald and some kind words over at https://www.planetminecraft.com/forums/minecraft/servers/nanomc-1-12-2-claimblock-friendl-573221/ To commemorate it, here is the tab from this day Thank you all for your work and dedication, this wouldn't have been possible without any and all of you.
  5. This is a simple guideline for what we do in terms of punishment over time. When someone does something wrong, they are given a "warning". Those warnings do not go away (unless appealed/otherwise worked out to be removed), and will stay on your record. 1) Textual warning 2) Textual warning 3) Kicked with the warning reason 4) Tempbanned for 30 minutes with the ban reason 5) Tempbanned for 6 hours with the ban reason 6) Permanently Banned You are able to appeal any ban within reason. We hold the right to decline/deny your right to appeal, or deny your appeal after the fact. If you feel that even after your appeal is denied you truly deserve to be unbanned, you can message me @ Ampersand#0001 on Discord
  6. Ampersand

    May 8th, 2018

    - The WorldBorder seemed a little cramped. I decided to make it 12.5 million on each side. - Mcmmo was more optimized, given some fixes like how you couldn't disarm mobs. That's good now. - With a new voting system comes new stuff, too. My team and I have created a plethora of new voting rewards for everyone to partake from. - New players had to do some extra steps, like doing '/kit starter'. I said, "Why?" and fixed it so it goes into their inventory immediately when they join. - To combat the enemy of every player, enemy of all server owners, and enemy of the server itself, "Laaaaaag," I have reduced the amount of plugins which are present on the server. - When you're AFK, you're supposed to get tagged as AFK after 10 minutes, to be kicked after 15 minutes. Now we can see who's really here, and who's just AFK. - The new crates are awesome! The 10 second delay? Not awesome! Reduced to 3 seconds for efficiency. - Jobs, always fun. Coming soon, there will be events, such as on weekends, you get double money, double XP. - I love the top of the nether just like anyone else. I didn't want to limit it too much. You can still get up there, but unfortunately can't place blocks. More mob eggs were added to the crates. Now you can get passive mobs like it's nothing, using the crates.
  7. Ampersand

    Fishing Weekend

    Fishing Weekends Every Saturday & Sunday What is it? Fishing weekend is a PVP-oriented fishing event where you fight to gather the most fish out of everyone on the server. You have 48 hours, beginning at 12 AM EST (Midnight) on Saturday, concluding at 12 AM EST (Midnight) on Monday. You are expected to bring your own gear to fight with, and to try and gather as many fish as you possibly can. Rewards 1st Place: 32 Diamond Blocks 1 Diamond Crate Key 3 Gold Crate Keys 1 "Fishing Master" Fishing Rod 2nd Place: 16 Diamond Blocks 3 Gold Crate Keys 3rd Place: 8 Diamond Blocks 1 Gold Crate Key
  8. Ampersand

    April 14, 2018

    - Reworked voting to be a newer, nicer system. - Added more staff permissions, and gave them access to a few of my hidden websites. - Added /redeem for fishing rewards and the like that are given to you whilst offline - Finally 100% fixed enderpearl issue. - Added more rewards for fishing weekend (Fishing post to come) - Added a Twitter announcer in #general - We have a Youtube channel with videos to come - Removed Herobrine - Remember Duels? I sure do. Those are coming back in the near future. - Removed unnecessary plugins as to reduce any "laaaag" that you might experience. - Added a new crates system, implemeted it within 2 days.
  9. Ampersand

    April 2, 2018

    - Fixed the messages, hopefully, for announcements to ping Members.
  10. Ampersand

    April 2, 2018

    - Updated essentials as it was necessary - The NPCs for shops are 99% done, thank you for your hard work @PackersNY! - Fixed a small issue with PMs, how you could technically message someone in two different PM systems. - Fixed the mob cap per chunk to be higher - Fixed the voting links - Caught up with all the bug reports. - Discord's getting a facelift - The "Praise the Sun" plugin is getting fixed. 0/0 players voting for it? Sounds good to me! NOT. - Fixing a few other issues as they come, just steady as she goes.
  11. Ampersand

    March 28th, 2018

    - Fixed the enderpearl issue, at least, as far as I could see. - That being said, fixed the "water' inside spawn to spawn you back to the actual spawn point. The plugin which used to prevent this was what was breaking the enderpearls. - Sister server now under construction - Added a bunch of fun side websites, which will be available eventually. - Events hall created, however it's lookin... Pretty empty. - Rank revamp underway, currently all ranks have been created, and all perks will be available in the near, near future. - The fish weekend was revamped as to show more realtime statistics, and also balancing will be undergone soon.
  12. Ampersand

    March 18th, 2018

    There's been a few updates to the server recently, it's time to just give updates. - Updated /fish so the scoreboard persists, and gives more updates as to the actual score. - (BUGFIX) Fixed it so people can't fish before the event starts - Added a "Builder" rank. Mind you that these players are NOT a part of staff, however, you will need to apply for it. - DCS_MEDIA is the first person to obtain this rank. Congratulations! - Automatic Restart script removed. It's breaking more stuff than it's solving. - Updated the harder mobs to be more difficult again. Well, somewhat. Depends. - Updated the antilag plugin to lag even less. - Found the source of lag today/yesterday, which was a plugin I removed two weeks ago magically reappearing... Squashed, and lineage ended. - (Staff) Fixed the vanish plugin. - Removed the ability to disguise in Fish (Very clever, y'all) - Will be enacted for next weekend. - Fixed the fishing rewards. It didn't work last week because it would just /give playername reward, even if you were offline. Meaning, it would say "Player not found!" and move on. This is justified now. - Fixed other rewards around the place, here and there, so they also get enacted upon playerjoin (To also be used for keys when they are released.) Thank you @Insane for all the work you have done on building Spawn, on the crates, and much more. You're an irreplaceable part of my team.
  13. SLIPPY_the_SQUID


    I was able to get an interview in with PackersNY. I asked him a couple questions and he answered. What do you prefer to be called: Packers How active: Every Day Favorite server: Nano Nuke What do you like about being staff: "I love being staff I get to help and in my case, i can code." Why did you want to be staff: "I wanted to help out players with any issues they had and I also want players to enjoy their time on the server.
  14. Cybercage

    First entry :)

    Okay... This is my first blog entry ever, so go easy on me people Recently i started to use plugin called quests and it seems like fun one to use it. I am planning to use plugin "quests" for telling my stories (in rewarding way). These rewards can be gear, money, trophies or other fun/cool stuff (like.. who doesn't want a wand shoots fireball once per day ) what i planned so far are the themes and skeletons for my stories. some of the stories are heart-warming while some of them are dark and depressing (which i might need to tone it down a little) Fen ,the swift, lives in the flying city of Celes where only transportation between long distances is flying (or passing bridges which makes even most brave ones get scared). and our protagonist is responsible of carrying messages for people who needs delivery. One day Fen gets the message from senator about secret mission. And things gets interesting after that. Meanwhile things getting ridiculously fast up above sky things aren't so so bright in surface world. In back alleys a figure in shadows were eyeing money pouch of rich merchant with 2 body guards escorting him. figure was stalking the merchant for at least 2 hours and this was the time to act. The merchant was distracted thanks to wine he drunk at nearby tavern and one of his body-guard send to get their car. the other one was cursing at his boss' drunkenness. "this is my chance" figure in shadow said with very soft voice. And stepped forward to its target. it was pretty easy to pickpocket the drunk guy and it was even easier to fool body-guard with bumping into the merchant. "hehehehe, tonight i'll feast" figure said to itself. But this smile vanished after a hand stopped her and forcing figure to forcing it to look back. "Excuse me, i think you have something that belongs to my boss" said other body-guard who looked angry. Body guard then in swift movement unhooked the figure and to he found a girl with long flame-red hair looking at him. -"sorry miss, but I must ask you to return the money pouch" the body-guard said. Girl got scared and tried to lie to him with very convincing( that's what she thought) way -"What pouch? I don't know what you are talking about, and let me go you bastard!" she tried to slip away from his grip but that only made body-guard hold even harder. -"I don't have energy to deal with your lies.. give it back or I break your ar-- Hey! guards! this girl stole my boss' golds and refuse to return them!" Her face went pale after she heard guards was there.. What happens to girl? Why she got even more scared when guards were there? You will find out next time
  15. Hello world, and Amp...

    1. Ampersand


      "And Amp" Loool

  16. Ampersand

    Magic Database

    Welcome to The Magical Library Database How to Learn Spells: - Spells are learned through riddles. These riddles can only be learned via the books found in the library. To get a book, you need to ask an admin or greater for a spell book, and use them. - You are only allowed to learn up to two spells a day. There is no specific limitation of one spell over the other, you just need to say which one you want. - No sharing answers. If found giving answers to someone else/"cheating", you will be blacklisted from that spell, at the very least. - You have up to 3 guesses per IRL day. You can only have one spell book out at a time. Unlockable spell archive: Healing: Cleanse: Remove negative effects from yourself. Heal: Heals a target player Prayer: Heals yourself for five hearts Attacks: Blind: Blind your target Entomb: Encase an enemy in glass FireBall: Throw a fiery ball of destruction. Geyser: Create a geyser of water at your enemy's feet. Haze: Makes your target's vision hazy ROAR: Forces nearby enemies to attack you (NPCs) Reflect: Reflect spells cast at you. Volley: Send a volley of arrows at your targeted location. Passive: ForceToss: Magically throw an enemy/targer into the air. Haste: Sprint faster for a time. Leap: Leap forward SafeFall: Allows you to fall without taking damage. Wall: Create a temporary wall to block your enemies. Unknown spells to the library: Anvil: Throws an anvil Armor: Automatically generates OP golden armor and puts it on you for the duration of the spell Blink: Teleport a short distance. Build: Build from far away. Clarity: Increase mana regeneration rate for a time. Combust: Set an enemy on fire Confusion: Cause nearby monsters to attack each other. (And so many more)
  17. Ampersand

    March 12th, 2018

    - Fixed the server as to be playable again (Sorry for the inconveniences!) - Changed the forum to be accessible from just http://nanonuke.net - Forums are lookin... Pretty good right now. Thank you @Aeternum for a nice theme! - Added free ranks, the whole list added in a few minutes. Now they are completely fixed. - (Staff) Helpers now have access to their primary /jail permission. Sorry for not noticing earlier! - Unarmed's disarm can no longer be used on players. This is in response to a lot of issues with last week's /fish - Nerfed the regeneration generated from any kind of armor. - (Good news) Admins are now learning how to be wizards for me, so there will be more support for that coming soon. - Updated antilag plugin as to not lag as much. - Fixed creepers exploding and damaging blocks (Thanks for reporting it!) - While I was at it, fixed withers, and every other mob which does block damage from doing block damage. - Fixed the XP issue where it wouldn't repair stuff, and would automatically go into your XP bar. Potentially. Let me know if it still doesn't work. - I've been getting reports of mobs despawning. I have now updated the limits to me immensely larger. - Added Angel wings to the trails builder - Fixed the web store's link to the main server, thanks for reminding me! - Fixed a typo between upgrading from farmer to Hunter, which would prevent you from ranking up. - Added a section to the forums for free ranks, and where I am with adding permissions for them. Will update more tomorrow morning.
  18. Ampersand

    Free Rank List

    There are a grand total of 30 free ranks. Here's a full list and what you get with each one. [Default] - Access to /home [Apprentice] - Your backpack feels a little bit larger... Nice! (Two collumned backpack) [Member] - 500 Claimblocks [Citizen] - + Access to Silk Touch Spawners [Adept] - +1 sethome and 1 Creative Plot [Crafter] - Ability to use FastCraft (/fc toggle, automatically enabled) [Hunter] - Access to /kit Hunter (Full set of P2U2 armor, and an U1S2 sword) [Gatherer] - +5 Shulker Boxes [Gladiator] - +1 Creative Plot [Master] - + Access to /enderchest (/ec) ANYWHERE [Warrior] - Access to /kit Warrior + 1 Set Home [Chevalier] - +5 Bronze Keys + 1 Creative Plot [Paladin] - +1 SetHome & 2000 claimblocks [Champion] - The First Gift [Explorer] - The Unbreakable Axe [Scout] - The Unbreakable Spade [Arcane] - +Access to /kit wings [Mage] - +1 SetHome & 5 Silver Crate Keys [Heroic] - The Unbreakable Pickaxe [Elite] - Shulker full of XP [Supreme] - +$100,000 + 1 SetHome +1 Creative Plot [Ultra] - +5 Gold Crate Keys [ArchMage] - Box O' Emeralds [Legend] - The Unbreakable Armor [Celestial] - Access to /hat [Divine] - 1 of each Crate Key & access to /nick [Mythic] - 5 Diamond Crate Keys [Nephilim] - +Access to /skull [Devil] - $200,000 & 1 Creative Plot [God] - +1 of each Crate Key & access to /fly
  19. Ampersand

    March 6th, 2018

    This was a large update. I am happy with my work. - Fixed most of the bugs reported at /bugs. Thank you for all your reports! - Added nametags to custom items, when dropped. Looks pretty cool too! - The MOTD looked unsightly... So I fixed it, of course. Now it looks pretty good. - Speaking of, I made the /help actually helpful. This will be progressed more and more over time, and I intend to make it look astounding. - Removed a few annoyances, and now /emg and /er should hook into our messaging system. - Added something to spice up fishing... Introducing, fishing weekend. Fishing weekend will give people the ability to fish in a specific spot in spawn (To come today/tomorrow), where, the amount you fish is tracked and saved. The competition takes place over the Weekend: Saturday and Sunday. You have 48 hours to catch as many fish in this arena as possible. When it is over, the top 3 places get some cool rewards THE CATCH is that this peaceful fishing trip is also a PVP arena, and every time you die, you lose 50% of your fish to the person who killed you. So, you need to team up, you need to stay safe, and most importantly, need to be smart. - Added free ranks (Thank you @PackersNY!) - Added some more customization to the spells, which will be released soon
  20. PackersNY

    Free Ranks

    After a ton of work and rolling on the floor crying, Ampersand and I were able to complete the Free Ranks. There are now 30 ranks that you guys can obtain by spending your in-game currency. As you progress through the ranks, you will be rewarded with various tools and commands. Here is the list of rewards you guys can receive from ranking up: Here is the list of the ranks you guys can obtain: Default Apprentice Amateur Member Crafter Citizen Farmer Hunter Explorer Scout Caesar Warrior Guardian Paladin Champion Spartan Ultra Arcane Heroic Elite Supreme Unique Celestial Divine Legendary Mythic Master Nephilim Titan God If you guys have any improvements that we can make to the Free Ranks, please let us know by posting in the "Suggestions" section of the forums. https://forum.nanonuke.net/forum/8-suggestions/ Thank you for joining NanoNuke and believing in our project. It's only going to get better from here. -PackersNY
  21. Ampersand

    March 3rd, 2018

    - /ooo join 1 (For PVP)
  22. Ampersand

    March 3rd, 2018

    - Fixed the enchantments - Fixed an issue with the /bottle system -- It was seriously broken. Thanks for your reports! - The CSGO server is up! csgo.nanonuke.net:27015 - The DarkRP server is almost up -- Being worked on now. It will be gmod.nanonuke.net:27016 - The server is completely stable -- Allegedly. This'll be fun.
  23. NanoNuke

    March 3rd, 2018

    - Fixed a few items in the shop being infinite money loops (Thank you for your reports!) - We now have a CSGO Free-for-all Server. IP will be known soon(TM) - Staff can now create emojis. Go nuts (lol) - Added an allowed/disallowed mods list. - Updated the rules just a little bit, there will hopefully be another overhaul soon - Fixed RTP in the resourceWorld - From self critiquing, have now made it so those advertisements like "It's dangerous to go alone, take this!" are now suggesting the command upon click, not automatically running said command. This is more user-friendly. - Questing world is beginning to be worked on, stay tuned More to come
  24. This list is definitely not full. There's tons of stuff missing from this list, and will be updates periodically to incorporate more mods. Do not automatically assume a mod is okay without asking first. If caught using a mod that hasn't been approved, it may result in the termination of your account. Allowed: - Optifine - 5Zig (No auto-reconnect) - TabbyChat - Schematica (No Print Function, anticheat doesn't like it and neither do I) - JourneyMap (No cave finder/entity finder) - BetterPVP - ToroHealth Damage Indicators Disallowed: - Any mod which gives you an unfair advantage, any modified/hacked client/resource pack, etc. - Any Mod using LiteLoader. - Any inventory tweaks
  25. Ampersand

    March 3rd, 2018

    - Forums now updated to be a new, pretty forum instead of what we had. There will be much more to come with this new system. Mind you, the old one is still there, however it is going to soon be depreciated (Copying over everything now. Primarily keeping it for applications already done) - Finally converted over the server to the new system, being an unmanaged VPS. This means there's going to be a little bit of instability until we've locked down all the features. Give it some time - The free ranks will be worked on, hopefully implemented by Thursday. After much work it was decided that the system which was going to be in place wasn't ideal for our server, so I'm going to be making a much more simplified system. - Updated the referral system to be more ideal for our system: Apparently, you could refer yourself and get the reward. Thank you (You probably know who you are) for pointing this out to be fixed - Working on two new servers as well, in the background. Thanks to Herp being alive, we are going to have a CSGO custom server and Garry's Mod server. This will not impact performance. - Just to yell it out: THE SERVER WILL BE MORE STABLE SOON. It's top priority. There's tons of stuff that needs to, can, and will be done.
  26. NanoNuke

    Server Rules

    « Rules for NanoMC » General 1) No advertising 2) No hacking/cheating/exploiting 3) No hate speech/racism/sexism 4) PVP is allowed outside of claims. 5) Respect one another. Chat 1) Keep swearing to a PG-13 level. 2) If a topic is making someone uncomfortable, stop. Building 1) Keep buildings sensical. No racist or phallic buildings 2) No Griefing. Some rules are unwritten. If you are unsure, ask staff and we can help.
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