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  3. Custom items!

    The "Beheading" might be possible through time. I'd need to get the new API for custom items all there, but I'm waiting for 1.13
  4. Today marks a day where we have reached an all-time high for playerbase. I added a new message advertisement on PlanetMinecraft and ever since, we have seen approximately 10 new players online per day. If you're interested in helping with that cause, leave an emerald and some kind words over at https://www.planetminecraft.com/forums/minecraft/servers/nanomc-1-12-2-claimblock-friendl-573221/ To commemorate it, here is the tab from this day Thank you all for your work and dedication, this wouldn't have been possible without any and all of you.
  5. Not Whitelisted?

    Of course! Glad I was able to ansewr swiftly enough for you. The server has already been fixed and is back open to everyone. Hope to see you on!
  6. Not Whitelisted?

    That's okay, I was only kidding about being angry. Thanks
  7. Not Whitelisted?

    Hi MWB. the server is going to be whitelisted for about 2 more hours. There is an issue with inventories which I need to fix. I am at work, so, I haven’t been able to fix it yet, and can’t fix it any sooner. anyone currently on the server already knows about it and is playing without their inventory. As to preserve player data, I have whitelisted it. sorry for the inconvenience! Ampersand
  8. Not Whitelisted?

    I came back to play on the server and it said I wasn't whitelisted? I paid money, how DARE you not whitelist me. Also,why is DoctorDewott not whitelisted? I can't wait to join this server again, thanks.
  9. free rank sugestions

    Could we get a kit that's daily that goes with the rank and have it give money cause the rank up is like job advancements and it costs more for each rank up.
  10. Land Claiming

    Yes I understand now. I was just saying maybe we could a a forum post about land claiming to make sure people know about.
  11. Land Claiming

    I already spoke about this. It was a misunderstanding between the 3 players involved.
  12. Land Claiming

    So not too recently, this guy named JohnStarGamer built a ton of random stuff around my house. Now I've tried talking to an admin but still, I don't see why I can't get rid of the fast placed blocks that the admin saw happen. What I am saying is that I want to make it look good as in get rid of the bad stuff.
  13. This is a simple guideline for what we do in terms of punishment over time. When someone does something wrong, they are given a "warning". Those warnings do not go away (unless appealed/otherwise worked out to be removed), and will stay on your record. 1) Textual warning 2) Textual warning 3) Kicked with the warning reason 4) Tempbanned for 30 minutes with the ban reason 5) Tempbanned for 6 hours with the ban reason 6) Permanently Banned You are able to appeal any ban within reason. We hold the right to decline/deny your right to appeal, or deny your appeal after the fact. If you feel that even after your appeal is denied you truly deserve to be unbanned, you can message me @ Ampersand#0001 on Discord
  14. - The WorldBorder seemed a little cramped. I decided to make it 12.5 million on each side. - Mcmmo was more optimized, given some fixes like how you couldn't disarm mobs. That's good now. - With a new voting system comes new stuff, too. My team and I have created a plethora of new voting rewards for everyone to partake from. - New players had to do some extra steps, like doing '/kit starter'. I said, "Why?" and fixed it so it goes into their inventory immediately when they join. - To combat the enemy of every player, enemy of all server owners, and enemy of the server itself, "Laaaaaag," I have reduced the amount of plugins which are present on the server. - When you're AFK, you're supposed to get tagged as AFK after 10 minutes, to be kicked after 15 minutes. Now we can see who's really here, and who's just AFK. - The new crates are awesome! The 10 second delay? Not awesome! Reduced to 3 seconds for efficiency. - Jobs, always fun. Coming soon, there will be events, such as on weekends, you get double money, double XP. - I love the top of the nether just like anyone else. I didn't want to limit it too much. You can still get up there, but unfortunately can't place blocks. More mob eggs were added to the crates. Now you can get passive mobs like it's nothing, using the crates.
  15. Nether Reset!

  16. Nether Reset!

    Reset. Thank you for your suggestion!
  17. Nether Reset!

    The primary reason that the nether was never reset was because someone, I don't even remember who, begged me to never reset it, to the point of almost donating copious amounts. That being said, I am downloading the nether as we speak, and it will be reset in a few minutes. Thank you for your suggestion!
  18. Nether Reset!

    I agree
  19. Nether Reset!

    The economy is about to crash from a lack of Quartz, I know quite a lot of other players want a nether reset too.
  20. Auto Sell

    I love this idea
  21. Custom items!

    How bout the "executioner" if able enlarger the swords normal size and give it beheading V and lotting III or some thing similer
  22. Custom items!

    I am not Creative. That being said, I'm looking for some custom item names/ideas. I'm looking for names, and enchantments. If I like it, bam, it's an item. If I don't like it, I might tweak it and still make it an item. If it gets in, you also receive a copy of said item.
  23. World Painter (Download at bottom)

    I am going to recommend an app that lets you build a custom terrain. For a tutorial, watch the video: Download: https://www.worldpainter.net/
  24. /fish update?

    Personally, I don't think so. Definity considering the MCMMO stat for fishing increases your bite chance as you level. So I don't see why it would need to be higher.
  25. /fish update?

    The water at /fish is too low. We should raise the water one block higher! Who likes to fight in the water anyways? Wouldn't it be better if we could just swim to the side of a wall or onto the bridge and fight there? Plus with deeper waters we can fish way more efficiently, because the deeper the water the better your chances on a fish biting is.
  26. Fishing Weekend

    Fishing Weekends Every Saturday & Sunday What is it? Fishing weekend is a PVP-oriented fishing event where you fight to gather the most fish out of everyone on the server. You have 48 hours, beginning at 12 AM EST (Midnight) on Saturday, concluding at 12 AM EST (Midnight) on Monday. You are expected to bring your own gear to fight with, and to try and gather as many fish as you possibly can. Rewards 1st Place: 32 Diamond Blocks 1 Diamond Crate Key 3 Gold Crate Keys 1 "Fishing Master" Fishing Rod 2nd Place: 16 Diamond Blocks 3 Gold Crate Keys 3rd Place: 8 Diamond Blocks 1 Gold Crate Key
  27. Patch Notes 4/13/2018

    - Reworked voting to be a newer, nicer system. - Added more staff permissions, and gave them access to a few of my hidden websites. - Added /redeem for fishing rewards and the like that are given to you whilst offline - Finally 100% fixed enderpearl issue. - Added more rewards for fishing weekend (Fishing post to come) - Added a Twitter announcer in #general - We have a Youtube channel with videos to come - Removed Herobrine - Remember Duels? I sure do. Those are coming back in the near future. - Removed unnecessary plugins as to reduce any "laaaag" that you might experience. - Added a new crates system, implemeted it within 2 days.
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