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    Welcome to The Magical Library Database How to Learn Spells: - Spells are learned through riddles. These riddles can only be learned via the books found in the library. To get a book, you need to ask an admin or greater for a spell book, and use them. - You are only allowed to learn up to two spells a day. There is no specific limitation of one spell over the other, you just need to say which one you want. - No sharing answers. If found giving answers to someone else/"cheating", you will be blacklisted from that spell, at the very least. - You have up to 3 guesses per IRL day. You can only have one spell book out at a time. Unlockable spell archive: Healing: Cleanse: Remove negative effects from yourself. Heal: Heals a target player Prayer: Heals yourself for five hearts Attacks: Blind: Blind your target Entomb: Encase an enemy in glass FireBall: Throw a fiery ball of destruction. Geyser: Create a geyser of water at your enemy's feet. Haze: Makes your target's vision hazy ROAR: Forces nearby enemies to attack you (NPCs) Reflect: Reflect spells cast at you. Volley: Send a volley of arrows at your targeted location. Passive: ForceToss: Magically throw an enemy/targer into the air. Haste: Sprint faster for a time. Leap: Leap forward SafeFall: Allows you to fall without taking damage. Wall: Create a temporary wall to block your enemies. Unknown spells to the library: Anvil: Throws an anvil Armor: Automatically generates OP golden armor and puts it on you for the duration of the spell Blink: Teleport a short distance. Build: Build from far away. Clarity: Increase mana regeneration rate for a time. Combust: Set an enemy on fire Confusion: Cause nearby monsters to attack each other. (And so many more)
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    « Rules for NanoMC » General 1) No advertising 2) No hacking/cheating/exploiting 3) No hate speech/racism/sexism 4) PVP is allowed outside of claims. 5) Respect one another. Chat 1) Keep swearing to a PG-13 level. 2) If a topic is making someone uncomfortable, stop. Building 1) Keep buildings sensical. No racist or phallic buildings 2) No Griefing. Some rules are unwritten. If you are unsure, ask staff and we can help.
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