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  1. This is a simple guideline for what we do in terms of punishment over time. When someone does something wrong, they are given a "warning". Those warnings do not go away (unless appealed/otherwise worked out to be removed), and will stay on your record. 1) Textual warning 2) Textual warning 3) Kicked with the warning reason 4) Tempbanned for 30 minutes with the ban reason 5) Tempbanned for 6 hours with the ban reason 6) Permanently Banned You are able to appeal any ban within reason. We hold the right to decline/deny your right to appeal, or deny your appeal after the fact. If you feel that even after your appeal is denied you truly deserve to be unbanned, you can message me @ Ampersand#0001 on Discord
  2. Fortnite

  3. Fortnite

    Is this seriously a thing in Fortnite? Extreme fog?
  4. Suggestions Guidelines

    Suggestions aren't limited to in-game. I have created this server with the idea that you are able to change anything if there's enough of a motion to have it. I am just the person who will get what you want done. Therefore, if you would like to see something (Such as Factions, a creative world, a Discord rank, a site easter egg, anything) done, just say it. When asking for something, try and keep it professional, and let me know the pros (And cons, if any) of adding it, and get people to +1 it, or just create controversy about it. This is a community built on communication and ideas. I'm up for anything
  5. - Fixed a few items in the shop being infinite money loops (Thank you for your reports!) - We now have a CSGO Free-for-all Server. IP will be known soon(TM) - Staff can now create emojis. Go nuts (lol) - Added an allowed/disallowed mods list. - Updated the rules just a little bit, there will hopefully be another overhaul soon - Fixed RTP in the resourceWorld - From self critiquing, have now made it so those advertisements like "It's dangerous to go alone, take this!" are now suggesting the command upon click, not automatically running said command. This is more user-friendly. - Questing world is beginning to be worked on, stay tuned More to come
  6. This list is definitely not full. There's tons of stuff missing from this list, and will be updates periodically to incorporate more mods. Do not automatically assume a mod is okay without asking first. If caught using a mod that hasn't been approved, it may result in the termination of your account. Allowed: - Optifine - 5Zig (No auto-reconnect) - TabbyChat - Schematica (No Print Function, anticheat doesn't like it and neither do I) Disallowed: - Any mod which gives you an unfair advantage, any modified/hacked client, etc. - Any Mod using LiteLoader.
  7. Server Rules

    Rules for NanoMC General 1) Respect ALL players - We do acknowledge that fights happen. It is a part of human nature. However, since we want to keep chat welcoming and friendly, take your arguments primarily to PMs (/msg) and party chat - If someone is harassing you, you can /ignore them. If that does not solve the issue, consult a staff member. 2) No Advertising - This rule is pretty straightforward. IPs are a permanent ban, regardless of where they are posted, they will be flagged for staff review immediately. This also applies to server names for players who join specifically to advertise - If it is a player who is obviously not there to advertise, maybe slipped up and mentioned a server, that is fine, a warning will suffice. - Self-Promotion of yourself also counts under this rule. Sorry, it is for this reason links are disabled in chat. - No YouTube links, or any links which could lead a player away from the server. 3) Keep swearing to a minimum (PG-13) - Swearing was created as a way to express an intense emotion to something. When it is used in excess it ruins that meaning and just becomes wasted. Keep it meaningful. Keep it sensical. Don't use it just to use it. 4) PVP is consentual-only - This isn't a faction, Towny, nor raiding server. Most of the time PVP is disabled anyways. - If someone attacks you, don't attack back! Just call a staff member and we can fix it asap. You won't lose anything but a little bit of durability on your armor 5) No Hacking/Cheating/Exploiting - Hacking is specified to be giving yourself an unfair advantage over other players. This includes stuff such as mods, or hacked clients. - This includes, but is definitely not limited to: X-ray, Macros, Flight, Freecam, Nuker, alting, Anti-KB, Antispam, Auto-Fishing, AutoMine, AutoSign, .Derp, CaveFinder, PlayerESP, ChestESP, and so, so much more. There could be pages upon pages of information on this, however to keep it concise, we have a list of approved mods coming soon. - If you find a bug, please report it in the "Bug Reports" section on the forums, in the Discord, or send us an e-mail at Support@Nanonuke.net if you don't feel comfortable with any of the prior. If you are found abusing a bug, that is considered an unfair advantage (aka "Cheating") and will be treated as such. Gameplay: 1) Building-Specific - Do not build too close to someone's build. It is recommended you have at least 100 blocks of distance between your build and someone else's unless discussed prior. If someone built too close and you can't resolve it peacefully before consulting a staff member, let a staff member know, and we will fix it. - Do not build anything that can be considered obscene. For example, genitalia, swastikas, promotes hate or hate messages, advertising, or religious content. This rule isn't black-and-white. If you feel like your building/creation might break this rule, feel free to contact a staff member and we will help you. - Any obscene builds will be removed and may result in repercussions on your account depending on the severity. - Automatic farms are allowed so long as they don't bypass the AFK kicker. 2) No Griefing - Griefing, changing, destroying, editing, raiding, looting, basically any kind of change or modification to another player's is strictly prohibited. This includes destroying a player's build, building too close to another player's property, taking items from a player's chest without permission, and so much more. - These rules apply on any land, claimed or not. 3) Staff's Word takes precedence. - You must follow any orders staff give. For example, if a staff member asks you to stop talking about a subject, you must stop. Ignoring or disobeying a staff member's order is specifically not allowed. Failure to comply might result in consequences. - Mind you, you can be told to stop talking about a topic, but you are allowed to continue in PMs, party chat, or marriage chat so long as it doesn't break - If you disagree with a staff member's decision, you can report them in the forums, on the discord, or directly to me (Ampersand) at support@nanonuke.net, which only I have access to. Chat: 1) Respect every player in chat. - Everyone, regardless of race, religion, creed, sexual orientation etc. deserves the same respect as you do. No one person is better than the other. 2) Keep religion, politics and other controversial messages out of global. 3) This is an English-only server - Good news! You can still talk other languages in other places other than global, such as /party, /msg, and so much more. Sorry for the inconvenience! 4) No spamming! - Sending repeated advertisements, using all capital letters, "faceroll" messages, even sending the same message over and over again in a single message can be seen as spamming. 5) No Advertising. - Specified more in-depth under General #2 6) Keep swearing to a minimum (PG-13) - Specified more in-depth under General #3