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  1. - The WorldBorder seemed a little cramped. I decided to make it 12.5 million on each side. - Mcmmo was more optimized, given some fixes like how you couldn't disarm mobs. That's good now. - With a new voting system comes new stuff, too. My team and I have created a plethora of new voting rewards for everyone to partake from. - New players had to do some extra steps, like doing '/kit starter'. I said, "Why?" and fixed it so it goes into their inventory immediately when they join. - To combat the enemy of every player, enemy of all server owners, and enemy of the server itself, "Laaaaaag," I have reduced the amount of plugins which are present on the server. - When you're AFK, you're supposed to get tagged as AFK after 10 minutes, to be kicked after 15 minutes. Now we can see who's really here, and who's just AFK. - The new crates are awesome! The 10 second delay? Not awesome! Reduced to 3 seconds for efficiency. - Jobs, always fun. Coming soon, there will be events, such as on weekends, you get double money, double XP. - I love the top of the nether just like anyone else. I didn't want to limit it too much. You can still get up there, but unfortunately can't place blocks. More mob eggs were added to the crates. Now you can get passive mobs like it's nothing, using the crates.
  2. Nether Reset!

    Reset. Thank you for your suggestion!
  3. Nether Reset!

    The primary reason that the nether was never reset was because someone, I don't even remember who, begged me to never reset it, to the point of almost donating copious amounts. That being said, I am downloading the nether as we speak, and it will be reset in a few minutes. Thank you for your suggestion!
  4. Custom items!

    I am not Creative. That being said, I'm looking for some custom item names/ideas. I'm looking for names, and enchantments. If I like it, bam, it's an item. If I don't like it, I might tweak it and still make it an item. If it gets in, you also receive a copy of said item.
  5. Fishing Weekend

    Fishing Weekends Every Saturday & Sunday What is it? Fishing weekend is a PVP-oriented fishing event where you fight to gather the most fish out of everyone on the server. You have 48 hours, beginning at 12 AM EST (Midnight) on Saturday, concluding at 12 AM EST (Midnight) on Monday. You are expected to bring your own gear to fight with, and to try and gather as many fish as you possibly can. Rewards 1st Place: 32 Diamond Blocks 1 Diamond Crate Key 3 Gold Crate Keys 1 "Fishing Master" Fishing Rod 2nd Place: 16 Diamond Blocks 3 Gold Crate Keys 3rd Place: 8 Diamond Blocks 1 Gold Crate Key
  6. Patch Notes 4/13/2018

    - Reworked voting to be a newer, nicer system. - Added more staff permissions, and gave them access to a few of my hidden websites. - Added /redeem for fishing rewards and the like that are given to you whilst offline - Finally 100% fixed enderpearl issue. - Added more rewards for fishing weekend (Fishing post to come) - Added a Twitter announcer in #general - We have a Youtube channel with videos to come - Removed Herobrine - Remember Duels? I sure do. Those are coming back in the near future. - Removed unnecessary plugins as to reduce any "laaaag" that you might experience. - Added a new crates system, implemeted it within 2 days.
  7. Auto Sell

    Not impossible. I'll see if I can find something to make this possible. However, since players need cobble when they begin playing (Because.. Original builds are usually wood/cobble), I'll make it default off. If I can't find something, I'll make it, but that's really, really, really low on my list of stuff to make.
  8. free rank sugestions

    Thanks for looking into that for me, Sky Yeah, I do need to work on the actual rewards for the free ranks. Luckily I have two days off in a row, which I haven't had for 3 weeks. So I can actually work like I want to work on the server. That and the fact that I don't have a car that I trust atm.
  9. "Forget the Sun"

    "Why not both?" Added soon.
  10. Notes 4/2/2018

    - Fixed the messages, hopefully, for announcements to ping Members.
  11. Notes 4/2/2018

    - Updated essentials as it was necessary - The NPCs for shops are 99% done, thank you for your hard work @PackersNY! - Fixed a small issue with PMs, how you could technically message someone in two different PM systems. - Fixed the mob cap per chunk to be higher - Fixed the voting links - Caught up with all the bug reports. - Discord's getting a facelift - The "Praise the Sun" plugin is getting fixed. 0/0 players voting for it? Sounds good to me! NOT. - Fixing a few other issues as they come, just steady as she goes.
  12. - Fixed the enderpearl issue, at least, as far as I could see. - That being said, fixed the "water' inside spawn to spawn you back to the actual spawn point. The plugin which used to prevent this was what was breaking the enderpearls. - Sister server now under construction - Added a bunch of fun side websites, which will be available eventually. - Events hall created, however it's lookin... Pretty empty. - Rank revamp underway, currently all ranks have been created, and all perks will be available in the near, near future. - The fish weekend was revamped as to show more realtime statistics, and also balancing will be undergone soon.
  13. There's been a few updates to the server recently, it's time to just give updates. - Updated /fish so the scoreboard persists, and gives more updates as to the actual score. - (BUGFIX) Fixed it so people can't fish before the event starts - Added a "Builder" rank. Mind you that these players are NOT a part of staff, however, you will need to apply for it. - DCS_MEDIA is the first person to obtain this rank. Congratulations! - Automatic Restart script removed. It's breaking more stuff than it's solving. - Updated the harder mobs to be more difficult again. Well, somewhat. Depends. - Updated the antilag plugin to lag even less. - Found the source of lag today/yesterday, which was a plugin I removed two weeks ago magically reappearing... Squashed, and lineage ended. - (Staff) Fixed the vanish plugin. - Removed the ability to disguise in Fish (Very clever, y'all) - Will be enacted for next weekend. - Fixed the fishing rewards. It didn't work last week because it would just /give playername reward, even if you were offline. Meaning, it would say "Player not found!" and move on. This is justified now. - Fixed other rewards around the place, here and there, so they also get enacted upon playerjoin (To also be used for keys when they are released.) Thank you @Insane for all the work you have done on building Spawn, on the crates, and much more. You're an irreplaceable part of my team.
  14. Project Korra

    Very interesting post. Personally as a person who has actively binged the Avatar (And have gotten a red flag on my account from my ISP for torrenting the HD versions), I love the idea. I forgot that you are new(er) to the server, so I would like to reiterate the server's main selling points in this thread. I am not in it for money, I am not in this for anything other than to allow for people to have fun, maybe make a friend or two. I work specifically to make money for the server, and to keep myself entertained (Gotta pay the bills somehow :P) The server currently has 1 TB of disk space to rely on, not to mention, I can upgrade that at any point if needed. We are currently using 1% of that, approximately. The only reason that the Emperor rank is $75 is because that's approximately one month's worth of server costs. By donating, you are donating directly to the server, not to me, nor any of my shenanigans. I'd love to implement this plugin, it looks very fun and I'd love to be a bender as well. I don't quite know how this would be implemented into the ranking system, but it is definitely possible. Then again, I could have several paths, and have players choose which path they want to venture into. Not hard However, before I do add something so diverse into the server, something so expansive, I'd love to hear some feedback on this thread. Hopefully, and I genuinely mean hopefully, this will get people to sign up for the forums (lol) Thank you for your suggestion! I'd love to hear more from you Ampersand
  15. Test