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  1. Okay... This is my first blog entry ever, so go easy on me people Recently i started to use plugin called quests and it seems like fun one to use it. I am planning to use plugin "quests" for telling my stories (in rewarding way). These rewards can be gear, money, trophies or other fun/cool stuff (like.. who doesn't want a wand shoots fireball once per day ) what i planned so far are the themes and skeletons for my stories. some of the stories are heart-warming while some of them are dark and depressing (which i might need to tone it down a little) Fen ,the swift, lives in the flying city of Celes where only transportation between long distances is flying (or passing bridges which makes even most brave ones get scared). and our protagonist is responsible of carrying messages for people who needs delivery. One day Fen gets the message from senator about secret mission. And things gets interesting after that. Meanwhile things getting ridiculously fast up above sky things aren't so so bright in surface world. In back alleys a figure in shadows were eyeing money pouch of rich merchant with 2 body guards escorting him. figure was stalking the merchant for at least 2 hours and this was the time to act. The merchant was distracted thanks to wine he drunk at nearby tavern and one of his body-guard send to get their car. the other one was cursing at his boss' drunkenness. "this is my chance" figure in shadow said with very soft voice. And stepped forward to its target. it was pretty easy to pickpocket the drunk guy and it was even easier to fool body-guard with bumping into the merchant. "hehehehe, tonight i'll feast" figure said to itself. But this smile vanished after a hand stopped her and forcing figure to forcing it to look back. "Excuse me, i think you have something that belongs to my boss" said other body-guard who looked angry. Body guard then in swift movement unhooked the figure and to he found a girl with long flame-red hair looking at him. -"sorry miss, but I must ask you to return the money pouch" the body-guard said. Girl got scared and tried to lie to him with very convincing( that's what she thought) way -"What pouch? I don't know what you are talking about, and let me go you bastard!" she tried to slip away from his grip but that only made body-guard hold even harder. -"I don't have energy to deal with your lies.. give it back or I break your ar-- Hey! guards! this girl stole my boss' golds and refuse to return them!" Her face went pale after she heard guards was there.. What happens to girl? Why she got even more scared when guards were there? You will find out next time
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