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  1. This was a large update. I am happy with my work. - Fixed most of the bugs reported at /bugs. Thank you for all your reports! - Added nametags to custom items, when dropped. Looks pretty cool too! - The MOTD looked unsightly... So I fixed it, of course. Now it looks pretty good. - Speaking of, I made the /help actually helpful. This will be progressed more and more over time, and I intend to make it look astounding. - Removed a few annoyances, and now /emg and /er should hook into our messaging system. - Added something to spice up fishing... Introducing, fishing weekend. Fishing weekend will give people the ability to fish in a specific spot in spawn (To come today/tomorrow), where, the amount you fish is tracked and saved. The competition takes place over the Weekend: Saturday and Sunday. You have 48 hours to catch as many fish in this arena as possible. When it is over, the top 3 places get some cool rewards THE CATCH is that this peaceful fishing trip is also a PVP arena, and every time you die, you lose 50% of your fish to the person who killed you. So, you need to team up, you need to stay safe, and most importantly, need to be smart. - Added free ranks (Thank you @PackersNY!) - Added some more customization to the spells, which will be released soon
  2. - Fixed a few items in the shop being infinite money loops (Thank you for your reports!) - We now have a CSGO Free-for-all Server. IP will be known soon(TM) - Staff can now create emojis. Go nuts (lol) - Added an allowed/disallowed mods list. - Updated the rules just a little bit, there will hopefully be another overhaul soon - Fixed RTP in the resourceWorld - From self critiquing, have now made it so those advertisements like "It's dangerous to go alone, take this!" are now suggesting the command upon click, not automatically running said command. This is more user-friendly. - Questing world is beginning to be worked on, stay tuned More to come
  3. - Forums now updated to be a new, pretty forum instead of what we had. There will be much more to come with this new system. Mind you, the old one is still there, however it is going to soon be depreciated (Copying over everything now. Primarily keeping it for applications already done) - Finally converted over the server to the new system, being an unmanaged VPS. This means there's going to be a little bit of instability until we've locked down all the features. Give it some time - The free ranks will be worked on, hopefully implemented by Thursday. After much work it was decided that the system which was going to be in place wasn't ideal for our server, so I'm going to be making a much more simplified system. - Updated the referral system to be more ideal for our system: Apparently, you could refer yourself and get the reward. Thank you (You probably know who you are) for pointing this out to be fixed - Working on two new servers as well, in the background. Thanks to Herp being alive, we are going to have a CSGO custom server and Garry's Mod server. This will not impact performance. - Just to yell it out: THE SERVER WILL BE MORE STABLE SOON. It's top priority. There's tons of stuff that needs to, can, and will be done.
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