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Found 2 results

  1. There's been a few updates to the server recently, it's time to just give updates. - Updated /fish so the scoreboard persists, and gives more updates as to the actual score. - (BUGFIX) Fixed it so people can't fish before the event starts - Added a "Builder" rank. Mind you that these players are NOT a part of staff, however, you will need to apply for it. - DCS_MEDIA is the first person to obtain this rank. Congratulations! - Automatic Restart script removed. It's breaking more stuff than it's solving. - Updated the harder mobs to be more difficult again. Well, somewhat. Depends. - Updated the antilag plugin to lag even less. - Found the source of lag today/yesterday, which was a plugin I removed two weeks ago magically reappearing... Squashed, and lineage ended. - (Staff) Fixed the vanish plugin. - Removed the ability to disguise in Fish (Very clever, y'all) - Will be enacted for next weekend. - Fixed the fishing rewards. It didn't work last week because it would just /give playername reward, even if you were offline. Meaning, it would say "Player not found!" and move on. This is justified now. - Fixed other rewards around the place, here and there, so they also get enacted upon playerjoin (To also be used for keys when they are released.) Thank you @Insane for all the work you have done on building Spawn, on the crates, and much more. You're an irreplaceable part of my team.
  2. - Fixed the server as to be playable again (Sorry for the inconveniences!) - Changed the forum to be accessible from just http://nanonuke.net - Forums are lookin... Pretty good right now. Thank you @Aeternum for a nice theme! - Added free ranks, the whole list added in a few minutes. Now they are completely fixed. - (Staff) Helpers now have access to their primary /jail permission. Sorry for not noticing earlier! - Unarmed's disarm can no longer be used on players. This is in response to a lot of issues with last week's /fish - Nerfed the regeneration generated from any kind of armor. - (Good news) Admins are now learning how to be wizards for me, so there will be more support for that coming soon. - Updated antilag plugin as to not lag as much. - Fixed creepers exploding and damaging blocks (Thanks for reporting it!) - While I was at it, fixed withers, and every other mob which does block damage from doing block damage. - Fixed the XP issue where it wouldn't repair stuff, and would automatically go into your XP bar. Potentially. Let me know if it still doesn't work. - I've been getting reports of mobs despawning. I have now updated the limits to me immensely larger. - Added Angel wings to the trails builder - Fixed the web store's link to the main server, thanks for reminding me! - Fixed a typo between upgrading from farmer to Hunter, which would prevent you from ranking up. - Added a section to the forums for free ranks, and where I am with adding permissions for them. Will update more tomorrow morning.
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