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Found 1 result

  1. LeafyrTheH8ed

    They made me cry.

    I joined recently.. I made some friends.. then some mean person attacked me without warning at /fish. I know it's a pvp area, which I disagree with, but I was just there to learn the confusing fishing contest/pvp arena information. I was hiding because I wanted to wait for a friend who was going to help me and not have people attack me. I fought back, nearly killed the guy, and he ran away like a coward and tp'd out. He then said he'd kill me. I swore. A lot. then everyone ganged up on me in chat. I thought we were allowed to swear. I tried to defend myself but they were insistent on hating me. I left. they had ruined a night of fun and relaxation. Look I suffer with depression, and don't deal well with stress and unkindness. I've been bullied a lot online. I just wanna have some friends and some fun on a Minecraft server. Every one I join, something or someone comes along and ruins it. People like to push my buttons and trigger my depression. Tonight I was going to join a town, but the mayor started trying to argue with me. SO I left.. I really REALLY wanted to play though so I returned. Suddenly 2 random warnings appear. Accusations way after the event I mentioned where I swore a lot. One was a warning about 'not following staffs recommendations, which I was completely confused about, because I just joined. Another about 'advertising' I was also very confused about! I don't advertise about other servers, not even about YouTube, which is harmless and innocent. Then everyone started laughing and typing negative things about me and made me tear up and want to quit the server. I am not a bad person. I make bad mistakes sometimes when I'm upset.. but why the ganging up in chat? I thought they were friends.. So this is goodbye.. I'm sorry you all think so poorly of me.. I hate myself already.. but people have to make it worse.. :'( It's a nice server.. I"m sorry I can't play on it any more.. I have very little gaming time left now as well. They just ruined it all for me. idk what to do but quit MC entirely because this keeps happening on every server. Why can't people just be nice to eachother?? :'( bye...