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  • Server will be migrating to be only-Discord soon!
  • This might be because there's an annoying little cunt named Turttles who likes to stalk my server for ideas
  • He's probably the only one who's going to see this
  • so
  • Hi Turttles! Get your own ideas you cockmuncher!

Not Whitelisted?

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I came back to play on the server and it said I wasn't whitelisted? I paid money, how DARE you not whitelist me. Also,why is DoctorDewott not whitelisted?

I can't wait to join this server again, thanks.

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the server is going to be whitelisted for about 2 more hours. There is an issue with inventories which I need to fix. I am at work, so, I haven’t been able to fix it yet, and can’t fix it any sooner.

anyone currently on the server already knows about it and is playing without their inventory. As to preserve player data, I have whitelisted it.

sorry for the inconvenience!


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That's okay, I was only kidding about being angry. Thanks


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Of course! Glad I was able to ansewr swiftly enough for you.
The server has already been fixed and is back open to everyone. Hope to see you on!

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