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  • Fixed the bank interest
  • Fixed a few bugs
  • Check Announcements for all details!
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March 3rd, 2018

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- Fixed a few items in the shop being infinite money loops (Thank you for your reports!)
- We now have a CSGO Free-for-all Server. IP will be known soon(TM)
- Staff can now create emojis. Go nuts (lol)
- Added an allowed/disallowed mods list.
- Updated the rules just a little bit, there will hopefully be another overhaul soon :P
- Fixed RTP in the resourceWorld
- From self critiquing, have now made it so those advertisements like "It's dangerous to go alone, take this!" are now suggesting the command upon click, not automatically running said command. This is more user-friendly.
- Questing world is beginning to be worked on, stay tuned :P
More to come :)

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- Fixed the enchantments
- Fixed an issue with the /bottle system -- It was seriously broken. Thanks for your reports!
- The CSGO server is up! csgo.nanonuke.net:27015
- The DarkRP server is almost up -- Being worked on now. It will be gmod.nanonuke.net:27016
- The server is completely stable -- Allegedly.  This'll be fun.

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