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  • Fixed the bank interest
  • Fixed a few bugs
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March 12th, 2018

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- Fixed the server as to be playable again (Sorry for the inconveniences!)
- Changed the forum to be accessible from just http://nanonuke.net
- Forums are lookin... Pretty good right now. Thank you @Aeternum for a nice theme!
- Added free ranks, the whole list added in a few minutes. Now they are completely fixed.
- (Staff) Helpers now have access to their primary /jail permission. Sorry for not noticing earlier!
- Unarmed's disarm can no longer be used on players. This is in response to a lot of issues with last week's /fish
- Nerfed the regeneration generated from any kind of armor.
- (Good news) Admins are now learning how to be wizards for me, so there will be more support for that coming soon.
- Updated antilag plugin as to not lag as much.
- Fixed creepers exploding and damaging blocks (Thanks for reporting it!)
    - While I was at it, fixed withers, and every other mob which does block damage from doing block damage.
- Fixed the XP issue where it wouldn't repair stuff, and would automatically go into your XP bar. Potentially. Let me know if it still doesn't work.
- I've been getting reports of mobs despawning. I have now updated the limits to me immensely larger.
- Added Angel wings to the trails builder
- Fixed the web store's link to the main server, thanks for reminding me!
- Fixed a typo between upgrading from farmer to Hunter, which would prevent you from ranking up.
- Added a section to the forums for free ranks, and where I am with adding permissions for them. Will update more tomorrow morning.

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