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Welcome to The Magical Library Database

How to Learn Spells:
- Spells are learned through riddles. These riddles can only be learned via the books found in the library. To get a book, you need to ask an admin or greater for a spell book, and use them.
- You are only allowed to learn up to two spells a day. There is no specific limitation of one spell over the other, you just need to say which one you want.
- No sharing answers. If found giving answers to someone else/"cheating", you will be blacklisted from that spell, at the very least.
- You have up to 3 guesses per IRL day. You can only have one spell book out at a time.

Unlockable spell archive:
Cleanse: Remove negative effects from yourself.
Heal: Heals a target player
Prayer: Heals yourself for five hearts

Blind: Blind your target
Entomb: Encase an enemy in glass
FireBall: Throw a fiery ball of destruction.
Geyser: Create a geyser of water at your enemy's feet.
Haze: Makes your target's vision hazy
ROAR: Forces nearby enemies to attack you (NPCs)
Reflect: Reflect spells cast at you.
Volley: Send a volley of arrows at your targeted location.

ForceToss: Magically throw an enemy/targer into the air.
Haste: Sprint faster for a time.
Leap: Leap forward
SafeFall: Allows you to fall without taking damage.
Wall: Create a temporary wall to block your enemies.

Unknown spells to the library:
Anvil: Throws an anvil
Armor: Automatically generates OP golden armor and puts it on you for the duration of the spell
Blink: Teleport a short distance.
Build: Build from far away.
Clarity: Increase mana regeneration rate for a time.
Combust: Set an enemy on fire
Confusion: Cause nearby monsters to attack each other.
(And so many more)


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