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  • Movie night for December 1st will be How to Train your Dragon!
  • Fixed the bank interest
  • Fixed a few bugs
  • check Announcements for all details!

Server Patch Notes - March 28th, 2018

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- Fixed the enderpearl issue, at least, as far as I could see.
- That being said, fixed the "water' inside spawn to spawn you back to the actual spawn point. The plugin which used to prevent this was what was breaking the enderpearls.
- Sister server now under construction
- Added a bunch of fun side websites, which will be available eventually.
- Events hall created, however it's lookin... Pretty empty.
- Rank revamp underway, currently all ranks have been created, and all perks will be available in the near, near future.
- The fish weekend was revamped as to show more realtime statistics, and also balancing will be undergone soon.

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