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  • Server will be migrating to be only-Discord soon!
  • This might be because there's an annoying little cunt named Turttles who likes to stalk my server for ideas
  • He's probably the only one who's going to see this
  • so
  • Hi Turttles! Get your own ideas you cockmuncher!

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I am not Creative.
That being said, I'm looking for some custom item names/ideas.

I'm looking for names, and enchantments. If I like it, bam, it's an item. If I don't like it, I might tweak it and still make it an item.
If it gets in, you also receive a copy of said item.

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How bout the "executioner"  if able enlarger the swords normal size and give it beheading V and lotting III or some thing similer

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The "Beheading" might be possible through time. I'd need to get the new API for custom items all there, but I'm waiting for 1.13

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